Your system is similar to a computer.
What differentiate “normal” people from people with higher developed consciousness is DNA and the extent into which they developed or acvited their DNA.
I started to activate different strands of my DNA straight after my rapid awakening in 2012.
The Akashic Records can be used to upgrade your DNA to be more resistant either towards the v**** or to multidimensionally upgrade your DNA in order to receive new abilities.
I can use the Akashic Records to upgrade your DNA.
– feeling more resistant
– happier
– resistant towards the “*****” and side effects of the vax
– download new abilities
– resistant towards the New System
Here you can watch a short video where I clearly explain how you can upgrade your DNA:
Below is another great example – an excerpt from a session with a client during which we asked her DNA to be upgraded in order for her to be protected from the effects of the vax.
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