Spiritual Awakening Guidance Program




Six Week Program. Are you going through spiritual awakening? Do you need to gain more clarity? Have you been experiencing unexplainable shifts in your life, inside and outside? At the end of the Program you will understand the different ascepts of spiritual awakening that you have been experiencing. You will get skilled in how to navigate the shifts and you will learn tools that will help you to do so.

Topics that we will cover:

  • How to ground yourself, protect your energy, energy management, cord cutting
  • Your life purpose, career
  • Healing
  • Psychic abilities – develop your intuition and your clair senses
  • Manifestation – manifest what you want to experience, the life that you desire
  • Meditation – learn how to connect to your higher self
  • Rewrite your story – identify patterns that do not serve you anymore and replace them with what you desire to experience



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