Life Coaching

Maybe you have already collected a lot of information but they don’t bring you the results. Because you need the experience. You might know which steps to take but that is not enough. I will guide you through the transformational process, help you to make a quantum leap and reach a lasting shift in your life with visible outcomes. 

Energy Healing

Healing is a holistic practise that activates the body‘s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated. Symptoms that my clients usually eperience: extreme sense of peace, cutting cords to previous relationships, shift of the current timeline, shifting of old patterns, life review, reconnecting to one‘s purpose and origin etc. 

Quantum Session

A coaching session done within the space of the Akashic Records designed to make a quantum leap on your journey. 

How My Services Can Benefit You.

We are all born with an unlimited potential and possiblity to become whoever we want to be. To CREATE our own life. To be happy. We create our own reality and attract different experiences into our life based on what resides inside of us. 

Sometimes we are not living up to it because of different beliefs or experiences that were imprinted or programmed into the subconscious mind when we were children. As a consequence, we might keep attracting similar situations into our lives over and over again, feel stuck and frustrated in certain areas of your life. You can change your job, relationship etc. but as far as the real cause stay unadressed, you end up manifesting a similar outcome.

I help to my clients to clear these outdated beliefs, emotions and repeated behavioral patterns that can keep them away from progressing on their path and becoming the person they are meant and want to be. I assist you in geting into the core of the issue in order to create a deep and lasting change in order to embody more of your potential.

I have an unconditional trust in my clients and their progress. I believe that shift can be quick and it doesn‘t have to take years as a traditional psychotherapy proclaims – my goal is to help my clients to make quantum leaps and assist in planetary Ascension. If there is peace within each of us, there is peace all around.


Coaching Packages

Coaching packages are suitable if you want to work consistently on a deeper, lasting change. 

Having Trouble Finding Peace or Direction In Your Life?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!


It can take the whole life to build up a belief, but it can take just one session to reframe it. 

What you want is already here, In the unified field of pure potential. Everything you need to fulfill your greatest desire is already part of your being. But it can’t come out until you align with it. Let me guide you onto the level at which it already exists.

Transformational Life Coaching

Who do you need to be in order for your goals or dreams to become a reality? I will assist you in clearing your emotions and beliefs that have held you captive. You can expect a deep shift at the core level of your being followed by significant shifts in your behaviour, emotions and in the situations that you attract into your life.

Akashic Records

Akashic Records are known as a etheral library where all of your experiences, emotions and thoughts from your past, present and potential future are stored. 

Energy Healing

My Quantum Energy Healing is a special combination of my natural healing abilities, energy initiations that I have received – over 40 different initiations and my ability to access the Akashic Records.

Finding a Life Balance is easier and faster than you think. Let me show you how.

Do you need more information before making a decision? I offer a free introductory session for new clients. Schedule a free 20-Minute Session to see if we are match to each other and if I can help you to solve your pain.

 About Me

Spiritual Life Coach, Quantum Energy Healer

My name is Claire. I am a Psychologist, Certified Life Coach, Certified Akashic Records Reader, Intuitive and Quantum Energy Healer. Traveller deeply connected to a magical, high vibrational island Ibiza which adds to my healing work. I am here to assist you to get in touch with your inner guidance, to progress on your path of personal development and spiritual awakening. To make quantum leaps on your journey and shift your timeline. Change doesn’t have to be painful nor it doesn’t have to take years. I know, I was there too. I experienced dozens of breakthrough transformations and quantum leaps myself. You just need the right guidance and determination. I have an unconditional trust in you and your ability to get wherever you want. It is time to let go and reset!

My Approach

 My approach is a unique combination of my knowledge and skills as a Psychologist, Life Coach, Energy Healer and Innovator. We work together to develop strategies and solutions that fit your unique situation and personality. I have unconditional trust in your path and your progress. My clients always get the results, a deep transformational process starts at the moment we connect. I am very empathic and intuitive but also action-oriented and direct. I help you to get to the core of your issues in order to make a quantum leap a create a real change in your life.  

My Healing

I was born a Healer and I further cultivated my healing abilities through receiving over 40 different Energy Initiations. I am a member of Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation. I studied at the Akashic Academy founded by Emily Harrison in California to learn how to access the Akashic Records. All of this lead to creating my own healing modality – Quantum Energy Healing.    


I just had a very profound Energy Healing with Clara. Clara is clairvoyant, which means she could tell me what happened in my life, and then go and clear this from my energy field. I could feel her tapping into my energy field and moving dark and old stuck energy from my body. She was able to see and remove other people energetic, psychic attacks from my energy field and clear my heart space and overall wellbeing. I had a tight neck for over four years, and during her session, this was gone back to normal as well. I felt like a heavy negative blanket from another person which was dragging me, was finally lifted. We even went with it into past life clearing. I highly recommend her for gaining back your power and your energy and healing aches and physical health symptoms. Thank you so much.

Julia Nagutova

Dear Klara, thank you so much for your healing session! You were there at the right time, when I worked myself really up with a lot of (karmic?) fears. You helped me to connect with my heart and experience to be save, protected and loved insight the heartspace, where I also had the opportunity to ask for the answers within myself. It really gave me peace of mind and a full heart of love. I am grateful.

Ditte Slabbekoorn

“Clara is a special person with an incredible energy. She is kind, humble and sincere. After just one session with her, I feel I have a better sense and direction for how to best continue my journey toward healing. I feel lighter, more joyful and more self-aware after working with her. I am excited to continue working with Clara and would recommend her to anyone seeking enlightenment, self-improvement or general healing.”

Micaela Carney

My Blog

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My Book on Emotional Release Techniques and Raising Your Energy

My book is designed to equip you with specific tools on how to release your emotions and raise your energy. By purchasing the book you will receive:

Tools on how to release your emotions

Information on how to master your emotions and become emotionally free

Tips on how to raise your energy

Exclusive information on how to boost your immune system

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How much do your services cost?

My services start at €40 per hour, depending on the issue you are dealing with and the service you choose. Please contact me for details.

Do you provide your services online?

Yes, I do. I mainly focus on my online clients at the moment. We will connect via Facebook, Skype or Zoom.

What is Quantum Coaching?

Quantum Coaching is a form of Coaching done within the space of the Akashic Records. Comparing to a regular coaching sessions, it delivers faster and profound shifts thanks to the intuitive guidance which is available in the space of the Records.

How many sessions will I need?

 This is highly individual. It depends on you but also on the issue you want to focus on and the results that you want to accomplish. Some clients get their solution within one session due to its transformational potential while some come back repeatedly. If you want to work on more issues, beliefs etc. and accomplish a long-term change, I highly recommed you to sign into my coaching program.

Do you do call outs?

Yes. Local no charge. If more than 10K, there will be a small extra charge for transport costs.

How long are your sessions?

There are no strict guidlines as each person and personality is different. Generally my rates are based on a one hour period. 

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 10 AM - 7 PM
Weekends by appointment.


(0034) 612 264 888


Santa Eularia,
Ibiza, Spain, ES 07800

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