1. Start with a mourning routine. Meditation, Affirmations, Breathing excercises – there are so many different things that you can do. Do anything what keeps you centered and charge you with energy. Then during the day repeat this or any practise whenever you notice that you are out of alignment. Due to the chaotic and destabilizing nature of the current energies, discipline is more important right now at this moment.

2. Joy – do whatever brings you joy, passion, positive energy. Poetry, dance, music, relax, animals, movies, art etc.

3. Dealing with fear – processing fears. There is a lot of fear in the collective. Different, deeply stored subconscious programs were activated. We are clearing fears connected to the most basic instict – survival. The frequency of fear also brings up any other fears that we have either from this or any previous lives. How do dissolve fear? Breathing excercises, affirmations, hypnosis, healing. Very effective is consistent emotional work – sitting with your emotions and feeling through them until they dissolve.

4. Gratitude. Gratitude for anything that you have including your body functions – your heart pumping out blood and asking nothing in return, your eyes enabling to see you the beauty around etc. This helps to shift your attention away from fear, what you lack etc.

5. Imagination is your power. As you probably know, your subconscious mind knows no difference between what is real and what is only imagined. Use this super-ability that you have in a positive and efficient way. Starting your day – if you are closed in your house, you can imagine walking along the beach or any another activity that you would love to do. To imagining a New Earth template for humanity and positive scenario – cure will be found, collective spiritual awakening, love over fear, system vanishing etc.


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