Supressed emotions can cause different problems, from lighter like lack of joy in your every day life to more severe ones as psychosomatic issues (headache, eckzema, cancer). Peoply have tendency to push away things that are not comfortable. It is not easy to feel some emotions. Yet from a long-term perspective, unprocessed emotions can be like a ticking bomb or a small child that we left in the middle of the street.

Emotions are stored in your emotional and physical bodies and the more time they stay without appropriate care and attention, the deeper they travel. Our psyche is programmed to always try to attain equilibrium and that is the reason why we keep attracting similar situations into our life – that leave us with the very same feeling, until we break the cycle. How to do that?

We have to feel through them. Only when we feel through them, the emotional charge is released and we get a step closer to our emotional freedom. Let’s take fear as an example. Unprocessed fear lowers the immune system, and creates mental confusion, which can lead to choices and decisions that are not in alingment with who we really are.

How to dissolve it? First of all, tap into where the internalized fear is being held in your body. Our body is an awesome barometer, and it always speaks to us. We can communicate with it. Most people hold fear in their stomach, heart, shoulders, jaw, or back areas.

Once you’ve found where you have been holding the fear, spend some time allowing yourself to feel the fear being held in the area of your body. The only way to free ourselves of the fear, are to actually spend time feeling where the fear is being held in the body.




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